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In september van 2020 heeft Eline Boele (Economic Advisor Embassy Kingdom of the Netherlands in Mexico) een sectorrapport geschreven over de kansen voor Nederlandse bedrijven in de e-commerce markt in Mexico.

“The E-Commerce sector in Mexico is a promising growing market with at the consumer side the favorable situation of the growing middle class and 85% of the Mexicans are aged between 18 and 45 years.”

“The Mexican E-commerce market is young, opportunities are plenty. At the B2C side product variety in luxury goods is a promising topic and B2B service providers in the sectors logistics, payment and operational software are opportunities to initiate, optimize and innovate the online businesses in Mexico. The customer experience which is crucial for a growing E-Commerce sector. This is where the Dutch innovation and knowledge comes in.”

Lees het volledige rapport hier (Engels):
Sectorrapport E-commerce Mexico (PDF)