Are you a NL business owner or export manager and are you interested in expanding your business in the Americas?

Please join the Dialogue sessions. You will get a quick update on the markets and relevant topics and can interact directly with the local experts of NBSO in Argentina, Mexico, Los Ángeles and Texas.


16th June 2020 @ 16.30 Dutch time.

What to expect?

1. Quick Update on local markets. Learn more about the typical and main challenges, sectors and opportunities in each of these markets.
2. Familiarize with the vast range of business support and events which are readily available to you (also during COVID-19)!
3. Have the opportunity to directly interact with business experts in Texas, California, Mexico and Argentina.


Bastiaan Zwikkers – NBSO Argentina
Saskia Pardaans – NBSO Texas
Steven Büter – NBSO Mexico
Peter Post – NBSO Los Angeles

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